High Performance


Thanks to Congressman Maurice Hinchey, the District is hoping to secure some additional funding for the anticipated costs of High Performance energy options included in its proposed Middle School addition and renovations that is being placed before voters on February 9. read full article

High Performance Opportunities Included in the Proposal-updated 1/29/10

Ensuring that any potential renovations or construction to the Middle School is undertaken with the responsibility and good environmental stewardship that is held in the highest regard by the New Paltz community was a priority of the Board of Education. The existing building’s carbon footprint for energy loss is huge and represents the opposite of Green community values. The current proposal includes many High Performance opportunities, which are designed to provide a healthy and productive environment that is cost effective to maintain and operate, as well as preserves natural resources while conserving energy. The proposed Middle School Addition and Renovations will be designed using NY-CHPS High Performance School Guidelines and to achieve maximum sustainability. The proposal creates larger space with lower operating costs by utilizing the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™, which are voluntary, consensus-based standards to support and certify successful Green building design, construction, and operations.

Specific details about the High Performance Opportunities are presented in this downloadable Cost Matrix.

You can also view a PowerPoint presentation here.

A quick at a glance list of the various efficiencies are also presented in the list below.

Energy Efficiency

  • Increased envelope insulation values
  • High Performance glazing
  • Digital HVAC controls
  • Motion sensors to control lights
  • Replace existing windows in 1930’s wing, install sunscreens
  • Added exterior wall insulation at 1930’s wing
  • CO2 sensors for HVAC systems in large rooms

Indoor Air Quality

  • New ventilation system
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound) products and furnishings
  • Mold-resistant materials

Water Conservation

  • Automatic on/off faucets
  • Auto-flush toilets
  • Dual flush toilets at staff toilet rooms
  • Low-maintenance site plantings

Day Lighting

  • 90 percent of rooms with views to outdoors
  • Oversize windows with sunscreens and light shelves
  • Daylight sensors and dimmers at light controls
  • Additional interior window glazing
  • Sky lights


  • Increased sound insulation between classrooms and offices
  • Mechanical system isolated from structure
  • Sound attenuation panels in large rooms
  • Oversized air ducts to reduce noise


  • Electronic and video entrance systems
  • Exterior and interior security cameras
  • Improved exterior lighting


  • Indirect lighting in classrooms
  • Bike racks
  • Preferred parking for car pools
  • Recycle construction waste
  • Use masonry partitions for additional mold resistance
  • Polished concrete for corridor floors

Renewable Energy

  • 40 KW solar voltaic panel system
  • Solar hot water system
  • Ground source geo-thermal HVAC system

LEED/CHPS Certification